Refuting Relativity

The history of science tells us that people who elevate mathematical models above empirical reality end up painting a picture of the physical universe filled with things that aren’t there. In making observations of the far reaches of our universe through today’s powerful telescopes, we still need to exercise the discipline demonstrated four centuries ago by Galileo, who famously held to interpretations of data that carried the certainty of real-world validation.

Einstein’s general theory is touted as our best explanation of gravity and is accepted worldwide almost without question. General relativity appears to have been verified by numerous experiments over many decades. Thanks to general relativity, the standard model of the universe sits in the most comfortable seat by the fire with its feet up. Thanks to general relativity, the standard model controls academic journals, the academic press, schools, and universities. It is the go-to viewpoint of the mainstream media. But this website exists to show that general relativity and the standard model are living on borrowed time. Dive into this fascinating topic to discover why so many space observations have clashed with prevailing theory over the past century (see ‘Crisis in Cosmology’) and examine the evidence for yourself in the ‘Resources’ section. To debunk some of the most highly esteemed scientific theories takes a very compelling argument. But that is what this website provides.

Einstein’s General theory was the product of an earlier theory, called the Special theory. This earlier theory provided an initial shift in thinking away from the traditional notion that viewed space and time as the same for everyone, everywhere, towards a belief that space and time can be different for each person, depending on how they are moving through it. This website uncovers fundamental flaws in both the special and general theories of relativity.

Several lines of thought from highly respected sources are uncovered to refute relativity. The first is an idea published by Einstein himself, which offers an intriguing, intuitive alternative that fits all the measured data. This idea was substantiated years later with published research from an ‘Albert Einstein Professor in Science’ at Princeton University, one of the brightest yet least known theoretical physicists of the twentieth century (see Robert Dicke’s papers in ‘Speed of Light’ category). A second line of thinking comes from the arguments put forward by a British professor at Imperial College London, who was also president of the Royal Astronomical Society. Professor Herbert Dingle’s logical arguments show that special relativity is inconsistent with its own basic rules (‘Problems with Special and General Relativity’). Thirdly, surprising evidence is uncovered to show that the experiments claimed to ‘prove’ both the special and general theories of relativity are not anywhere near as decisive or clear-cut as presumed, being riddled with methodological errors, contestable results and poorly drawn conclusions (Tests of Relativity). 

The resources listed on this site are a compilation of the insights of experts with proven track records from various disciplines, including Einstein himself, to uncover the relevant and surprisingly simple alternatives.

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